You can use azure cli command az resource update.. Azure Monitor metrics. When a new instance handles its first request, the response time increases, which is called a cold start. Also note, that multiple function apps can use the same consumption plan and will scale independently. Consumption plan does save me a lot of cost, however it gets really slow if that function … Pricing is still confusing, at least for me. # Prerequisites. This article describes Azure Functions running on Consumption Plan—the dynamically scaled and billed-per-execution compute service. Azure Monitor is a service for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from applications running in the Azure cloud. The Azure Functions Premium plan is available in preview today to try out! Azure Functions issue two cost-related metrics into Azure Monitor: Function Execution Count and Function Execution Units. The only ones left are the Admin and System levels. Whenever I talk about Azure Functions, the subject of "cold start" invariably causes concern. Each function app instance is limited to 1.5 GB of memory. Note: I have the azure function and premium plan in the same resource group.. 1.Get the resource id of your premium plan via azure portal or commands. Hi, Can Anyone guide me if there is an option to change the plan from "Consumption plan" to "App Service Plan" for a Function App. In Azure Portal it is greyed out, please help me if there is any other way for it. Azure Functions is designed to be “movable” if you are using the consumption plan, a reasonable timeout value if defined, default to 5 min. Learn more: Cold Starts in Serverless Functions. That means, all constituent functions share resources allocated to the function app and scale at the same time. Learn how to switch functions between Consumption and Premium plans. Consumption Plan adds and removes instances dynamically. Switching Azure Function plan from consumption plan to App Service Plan I am having some problem with changing azure functions plan from consumption plan to app service plan. We'll pay for the ~€104+7/month for the premium plan PLUS the normal consumption fee (€0.000014/GB-s etc) or are these included in the €104+7? While in the Consumption plan, the default timeout is 5 minutes, there is a different default and maximum timeout for the App Service Plan and Premium … The cold start problem. Let's make a simple example: 1 Min Instance, 1 pre warmed instance and 1 Max instance. Copy link Author odvoskin commented Sep 4, 2018. Here’s what you can do to learn more about it: Check out how to get started with the Premium plan. In this post, we'll set up an Azure Function with a Premium Plan to see how it eliminates cold starts. The Azure Function Timeout is difference depending on which hosting method / pricing tier is used to host an Azure Function App. While mostly focusing on performance, it also collects some useful data related to service consumption. If this Function Key is used for a different Azure Function, it won’t get accepted and the caller will receive a 401 Unauthorized.